Together 2011 projects helped the entire Abilene community ...

Public input was sought regarding the projects for Together 2011. Additionally, surveys were taken of 5th and 9th grade students. Consistently, the ideas which emerged as worthwhile focused on investing in “what we have.” In other words, to enhance what is already in place and to give fresh life to what we own as a community. The projects varied in their size and scope, but all were aimed to meet a variety of needs and to serve a diverse population across our City.

We so much enjoyed working together to accomplish these projects. We encourage you to continue to think about ways in which we can all make our community better! We want to express special appreciation to the City for their strong support of our efforts. Major funding for these projects was provided by the Together 2011 partners.

Click here for a complete list of Together 2011 projects.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-- Helen Keller